Society for Hawaiian Archaeology Conference
Kaua'i Community College



In March of 1991 during the normal college spring break, Kaua'i Community College (KCC) and the Anthropology Club of KCC hosted the 5 th Annual Meeting of the Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA). Over 200 people attended with a large Kaua'i community interest as shown by their attendance. 

Papers were presented during the three full days of meetings. Many smaller groups met in the evenings to discuss their own particular problems and interests. By all evaluations the meetings were of great success. All the members of the Anthropology Club who helped host the events; to the KCC Foundation for the funds and grants ; and to those who made individual donations, we were most grateful and thanks for a job well done. 

Preparing for a conference and meetings requires almost a year of letter writing and arranging details on transportation, meals, rooms, audiovisual and media equipment. The smoothness of the events was due to the fine tuned preparations and the Aloha shown by every host in giving of their time to make the program a success. 

The evaluations praised the hospitality of the Kaua'i people. 

Here are abstracts of some of those papers.

A Forgotten Kingdom,An Overview of the Previous Archaeological Studies and the Historic Preservation Program on Kaua'i: Planning For the Future, A Partnership.

Upland Agricultural Fields on Kaua'i.

Kaneiolouma: In Search of a Heiau and Its Archaeological Implications.

Na Pali Coast Archaeology: A Retrospective View for the Future.

The Koloa Field System.

The People of Keoneloa: Evidence of Skeletal Biology.

Are There Patterns of Culture in the Locations of Prehistoric Burials on Kaua'i ?

Fort Alexander Interpretive Exhibit.

Slingstones: Techniques and Sequence of Manufacture.