Anthropology & Archaeology on Kauai


Kahili Peak

1991:Vol.18 Legends

1992:Vol.19: SHA

1993:Vol.20: Adzes

1994:Vol.21: CSH

1995:Vol.22: Drippings


1997:Vol.24:Stone Pics

1998:Vol. 25:Russia

1999:Vol. 26:WestSide


The Nineteen Nineties and Beyond

The AOK issues of the 1990s were greatly jumbled because of increasing financial problems in publication.

A devastating Hurricane 'Iniki in 1992 disrupted everything, including AOK publication. Issues fell behind, while research in new areas was moving ahead.

The 1990s saw an attempt to renew publication electronically and under the new title of Anthropology and Archaeology on Kaua'i (AAOK).