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Dr. William Kenji “Pila” Kikuchi, seen here with his wife Delores, had been a part of the world of archaeology and anthropology for almost 50 years. Active in research, publishing, education, and conservation, Pila has been a mainstay in Hawaiian and Kaua'i archaeology

Pila passed away at his home on July 10th, 2003. It was his fervent wish that his work be put on the World Wide Web, so that it will be available to the world at large.

We hope you will find the information here an inspiration to look further into the subjects presented. Hawaii is unique in many respects. It is isolated. It has been a Kingdom. It is the home of many rare flora and fauna, and it carries a cultural heritage extending throughout the Pacific. This is what is offered. Enjoy and learn.


Early years

Pila was born on the 27th June 1935 in Honolulu, Territory of Hawai’i.
The first Pan Am China Clipper flight to San Francisco took place  that year.
Duke Kahanamoku and Amelia Earhart were sharing pineapples in Waikiki .


Fort Street Hongwanji Kindergarten, Nu’uanu, Honolulu
Ka’ahumanu Elementary School, Honolulu, 1941-1945..
Liliuokalani Intermediate School, Kaimuki, 1946.
Palolo Japanese Language School, Palolo 1947-1948.
Kaimuki Intermediate School, Kaimuki 1948-19498.
Kaimuki High School, Kaimuki 1950-Graduated:1953

Higher Education

University of Hawaii, Manoa, Civil Engineering major, 1954 -1955
University of Washington, Seattle. Evening School, 1955-1957.
Boeing Airplane Company, Seattle. Drafting School. Certificate, 1955.
University of Hawaii, Manoa. Anthropology-Archaeology major, 
1958-1963.  B.A. in 1958, M.A. in 1963
University of Arizona, Tucson. Archaeology major, and a Cultural
Anthropology minor, 1967-1973.PhD in 1973.
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Pila's Work

Jan. 1956-June 1957: Draftsman. Boeing Airplane Company, Flight Test Division.
1959 –1961: Volunteer at Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Dept. of Anthropology.
1964-1967: Assistant Archaeologist, Fellow in Anthropology, Bishop Museum.
1967: Graduate Assistant, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Hawaii.
Summer 1968: Draftsman-Illustrator, Bishop Museum, Dept. of Anthropology.
Summer 1969: Chief Investigator, Russian Fort Study, Bishop Museum, Dept. of Anthropology.
1968-1971: Graduate Research associate, University of Arizona, Dept. of Anthropology, Tucson.
1972-1998: Instructor/ Professor in Anthropology, Kaua’i Community College Tenured in July 1975.
Title changed to Full Professor, 1991. Retired in July 1998.
1998-present: Professor Emeritus, Kauai Community College.


1971-1986: Hawaii Historic Places Review Board, Honolulu. Chairman, 1973.
1981-1983: Kaua’i Historic Sites Advisory Board, Lihu’e, Chairman.
1987-1994 (2 terms): Kaua’i County Historic Preservation Review Commission. Chairman 1989-1990.
1974-1978: Director, Kaua’i Historical Society.
1986-2001: Research Associate, Bishop Museum, Dept. of Anthropology
1986-1989: Evaluator: University of Hawaii, Research Council.
1987-1993:(2 terms) Board Member, Native Hawaiian Culture and Arts Program, Bishop Museum.

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Hawaiian Academy of Science, Kaua’i Chapter (HAS-KC) [Kaua’i]
Sigma Xi [National]
Society for Hawaiian Archaeology (SHA) [Honolulu]
The Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS) [National]
The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) [National]
The Polynesian Society [New Zealand]
New Zealand Archaeological Association [New Zealand]
Far Eastern Prehistory Association
Current Anthropology [Chicago]
Hawaiian Historical Society [Honolulu]
1968-1990: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
1980-1993:  Pacific Association of Professional Archaeologist (PAPA), founder.
1979-1985: Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC

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Grants and Awards

1961: Pacific Science Association, Hawaiian Academy of Science: $900 for fieldwork in American Samoa.
1976: Office of Research Administration, University of Hawaii: Research Training Fund# 21-G-77-350-F-728-E-191.
May 1976-June 30,1977: Investigation of the Possibilities for Establishing a Chronology for Alekoko Fishpond: $2400.
1977a: Hawaii Foundation for History and the Humanities. Filmstrip and video cassette project: 1) Waimea 1778-1978: $500; 2) The Russian Adventure on Kaua’i: $500.
1977: President's Instructional Improvement Fund, University of Hawaii: Filmstrip and video cassette project: Capt. Cook and the Discovery of Hawaii.
1982: FRAP. Kauai Community College. Oral History Film Project: Kenneth P. Emory: A Pioneer in Polynesian Anthropology: $430.
1985a: Kauai Community College Foundation. Bishop Museum Photo Exhibit on the Kanyaku Imin. Reception and Open House. Dr Yoshiko and Kazuko Sinoto, speakers. $168.
1985b: Kauai Community College Foundation. A Survey of Graveyards on Kauai Island; A Computer Database. $1350.
1985c: University of Hawaii Committee for the Preservation of the Hawaiian Language, Art and Culture: A Survey of Cemeteries on Kaua’i Island. $1050.
1988a: Kaua’i Community College Foundation. Grant #235 Math Meet: May 17,18, $200; Grant #236 Science Symposium April 15. $200.
1988b: Sigma Xi. University of Hawaii-Manoa. Grant for the Math Meet and Science Symposium: $100.
1989a: Title II. Educational for Economic Security Act (EESA). University of Hawaii-Manoa, Office of the Dean, College of Education: Math Meet nd Science Symposium. $1352.
1989b: Kauai Community College Foundation. Math Meet and Science Symposium: $300.
1990a Kauai Community College Foundation: Kauai Cemetery Study: $1443.31
1990b: Committee for the Preservation and Study of Hawaiian Language, Art and Culture: The Cemeteries of Kaua’i County. $3920.
1998: Kauai Community College Foundation. Mahaulepu Sinkhole Research: $1486.05
1999: Kauai Community College Foundation. Mahaulepu Sinkhole Research: $2,000.
1978:Volincor. Dept. of Social Services and Housing. State of Hawaii. Certificate of Appreciation.
1981a: Kauai Community College. Excellance in Teaching. Bronze Medal, and $100.
1981b: Kauai Community College. Merit Award.
1982: State of Hawaii. Ten Year Service Award.
1989: University of Texas.“The Teacher as Leader: Profile of Excellance in the Open Door College.” Medallion Award.
1990: Na Kahu Hikina a Ka La. Community Awareness Day. Feb. 2002. Certificate in Research.
1994: County of Kauai Plaque for Devoted Public Service on the Historic Preservation Review Commission. 1987-1994.
2000: The Senate, State of Hawaii. Historic Hawaii Foundation 1999- 2000 Historic Preservation Honor Award.
2002: Kauai Museum .Named a Living Treasure of Kauai.
2002: Maryanne Kusaka, Mayor of Kauai. Lifetime Achievement in Archeology: Certificate of Commendation.
2002: County Council of Kauai. Lifetime Achievement in Archeology: Certificate
2003: County of Kauai. For Devoted Public Service as a Charter Member of the Historic Preservation Review Commission, 1987-1994 and 1998-2003: A Plaque.Back to top


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Personal Interests

Pila Kikuchi was one of those people whose mind was constantly alive with ideas, probably 24 hours per day. He was interested in everything.

In his work shop could be found the projects of a Renaissance man: Carvings of mother of pearl, and semi-precious stones; wood carvings; designs for furniture; materials for growing crystals. He was fascinated by geology and mineralogy. His note books covered everything from gardening to off-beat software, besides his anthropology and archaeology.

He once took a class outside and so he could explain the cloud formations.

On another occasion he was absorbed in retrieving a stone Portuguese oven that was overgrown with strangler fig. He was enthusiastic about samurai, and had his own sword.

And he was always ready to share his interests and enthusiasms with everyone, anywhere, any time.

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