Kaua'i and Ni'ihau


Nawiliwili Harbor, Gasco Yard, Waapa Road.
Several people were in a car. They were carrying okolehao ,a whiskey made from the Ti-plant . The car stalled near the Gasco Yard. The people in the car made an offering of okolehao to the land, and the car promptly started again. Informant unknown .

Horseshoe Turn on Road to Koke'e.
Car will stall only at night. The reason for the car stall is that someone must be carrying pork. When car stalls, the pork will vanish. Informant said the pork must be fresh and with the hair cleaned off. Recorded by C. Snyder, Fall 75 class. Informant was J. Renti-Cruz.

Kumuloa, Kahili Mountain Park
A worker had problems with his backhoe machine, he called his supervisor to come and help him. The backhoe was running somewhat irregular as there was heard pounding on top of the cab roof. The supervisor came over and witnessed the strange happenings. Swearing by the supervisor stopped the roof pounding. At the time the pounding stopped, the supervisor's truck and backhoe stopped operating at exactly the same time. In 30 minutes the truck started up but not the backhoe. Both worker and supervisor left the job site. Recorded by V. Parangao, Fall .78 class.

Hanalei, near Garbage Dump side road
The informant was driving toward the Anahola direction when they thought they saw torches on the road side. Behind them came a bright pair of headlights which followed them very closely. They drove quickly on toward Anahola when the bright lights behind them vanished. Recorded by Mona M.K. Smith , Fall 80 class.

Moloa'a, Old Ko'olau Road.
The informant was riding in a car and they were carrying pork. The car stalled. They made an offering of pork, and the car started up again. Recorded by Talbert Tacbian, Fall 80 class.

Makaweli Camp #6.
Driving home at midnight, the person made a right turn into Camp #6 . The steering wheel jammed and the car kept going straight. They passed the camp road and the steering became normal. This kept up. This car was denied entrance into the camp. The only way he got into the camp road was to reverse the car. Recorded by Jonathan Oyamot , Fall 80 class.

Tunnel of Trees, Koloa
Driving into the Tree Tunnel road early in the morning, the car, radio dies and the car stalls. The driver saw a man wearing a feather cape crossing the car path. Once the man crossed the road, the car started up. Recorded by Alvarado, Fall 78 class.

Mana area.
A white Valiant is seen driving on the sand at very high speed. When people are questioned, they say that they saw no car, no car passed them. At certain areas along the shore, car lights continue to blink off and on even when the engine is not running. Recorded by D. Rita , Fall.87 class.

Moloa'a, Old Ko'olau Road
A giant in the area could stall cars. One night around 11:30 pm , a car stalled on the road. One has to get out of the car, walk around it to show the giant that the person is not afraid of the giant's curse. When this is done, the car will start up again. Recorded by Donald Ouderkirk, Fall 75 class.