1. Mana, Kaua'i
Fishermen. People standing near campfire see fishermen on the shore. When the lights of a passing car hits the fisherman, the person disappears. When the light passes, the person is there.
D. Rita F.87.

2. Mana, Kaua'i.
A spotter at PMRF sees a fisherman crossing the open, but restricted area and calls for the security people to go and check him out. The security officers are sent but cannot find him. The spotter calls them and says the person is directly in front of them. Spotter says the man is wearing a malo and carrying a net and poles. Spotter sees him but the security officers cannot.
D. Rita F.87.

3 Mana, Kaua'i.
A party held on the beach at Mana, around midnight. People see a bright fire, dancing, and hear music. This goes on for several hours. Then everything stops.  There is no fire, no music and no people.
D. Rita F.87.

4. Queen's Pond, PMRF, Mana
At Queen's Pond, people see a man dressed in a malo , who is net fishing. He suddenly vanishes and appears again.
D. Rita F87.

5. Kapa'a.
After working at the Fruit Packers Cannery, the informant and 4 other women at 4:00 am got into their car to drive to Eleele. At Waipo'uli by the coconut grove they see a lady sweeping the road and as they pass her she disappears. Their conclusion was that she must be Pele.

7. Hanalei. Ching Ma leong Store.
In 1961, a beautiful woman goes into the store. She is seen by the owner. The people at the entrance didnt see her. She didnt exit through entrance. She didn't exit through the back. Two to three days later there was an eruption on the island of Hawai'i.
Alan Tasaka F.78

8. Ko'olau, Kaua'i.
A plantation worker plowing near the Ko'olau Church at night sees strange figures-ghosts and stops working. Other drivers say that they also saw similar things in the same area.
Palmerira F.78

9. Kapa'a.
A spirit being comes into a houses, once or twice a week, it opens doors and sometimes physically touches people.
Gordiness/G. Serrato F77.

11. Hanama'ulu.
Informant, sometime in the 1960s around 11 pm, was going toward Hanama'ulu. He felt a presence and saw a hand on the back rest of the front seat. He drove down to Hanama'ulu beach and when he reached the train bridge, the person vanished.

13. Knudsen Gap
A car, driven at night at Knudsen gap sees a car behind him signaling him. The car that was behind said that they could see a child hanging on the back of their car but it disappeared.
F. Alvarado F80.

15. Huleia Valley.
Huleia Valley is said to be haunted. Ghosts show themselves only to persons they want to be seen by.

16. Malumalu, Huleia.
A ghost was seen around 4 am. It was floating, wore a white long sleeve shirt....disappears. The cause of these appearances is the lone grave at Malumalu.

17. Kalihi
A person visiting this certain house hears a ball bouncing off the wall occurring many many times. Persons inquires about the sound and told that the sound is that of a ball. Her young son died when he was playing with a ball..the ball bounced into the street....he ran after it and was killed by a car. 
K. Williams F75.

18. Anahola
The ghost of a grandfather makes itself known. Boots are heard walking up to the house. The ghost visits every day and night and makes an indentation on the bed. The same ghosts talked to his wife and told her that he was not at peace without her. The grandmother finally told him to go back and be patient. she will eventually join him someday.
K. Williams F75.

19. Makaweli.
A woman dressed in white came through the window. Her hair was down. She points to where she is standing. This continued for about a month. A priest was called and he determined that the cause was due to a grave of a murdered woman who was buried under the house. This woman was killed by her jealous lover.
Edwin Dela Cruz.

20. Koke'e
A family had an outing at Koke'e. Two boys went hiking into a side valley. Since they didnt come back, one of the men went out and called to them. They heard a reply but it was another person. The boys did return but from the opposite direction.
Kruse F82.

21. Koke'e Lodge.
Three young men went in search for mokihana and maile for leis. Two of the three boys returned. They said a female voice kept calling them. The third person followed the voice, regained his senses and returned.
Kruse F82.

22. Port Allen. Eleele.
Voices of people could be heard. It was said that the cause was a shipwreck where alot of people were killed.
Carol Snyder F75

23. Mokihana, above Makaweli.
Pig hunters returning late in the afternoon. Their horses and dogs became nervous. Something was blocking their path so since it persisted they went around it.
V. Parangao F78.

24. Kekaha.
At a party, a man goes upstairs and hears children crying. He reports this to the host but is told that there are no children in the house. The cause: a resident ghosts.
Alvarado F80.

25. Kukui Trail,Koke'e
Several hunters camping in the area of Kukui trail. They were sleeping on the old trail. One man felt a choking feeling and he began swearing.....which broke the grip. They felt the cause was that they were sleeping on an old trail.
Vernon Parangao F75.

26. Mohihi, Koke'e
Several hunters were camping beneath a tree. One of the men felt a choking sensation and reached for his shot gun. He shot a round off and the choking stopped. They felt the cause was that this man was sleeping on an old trail.
V. Parangao F78.

27. Koloa.
A man helped others catch a shark at Koloa Landing. That night, he felt someone was choking him...he sees a woman at the foot of his bed, she wore a white dress. She then leaves the room. The event happens again in the evening. He felt the choking sensation. The women appeared wearing a purple skirt, sheer blouse, had dirty blond hair and was laughing. She walked through the wall of the house.
Martha Hoverson F82.

28. Returning Ghost
An infant usually was found laughing and kicking for no apparent reason. There was a puff of smoke above the child which went out the window. The parents believed that the smoke was the childs grandfather who really liked the child and came back to play with him.
Carol Snyder F75.

29. Returning Ghost
A person admitted to the hospital was visited by a lady with white hair. The visiting lady asked the person to leave. It was believed that the white haired person was the previous occupant of the hospital bed. This is where she died.
Alvarado F80.

30. Kaumakani Camp
A person hears footsteps going up and down the road next to their house. The person was told that it was the ghost of an old lady who used to walk the road every day. her spirits continued to walk the same road.
Alvarado F80. 

31. Kapa'a Town.
A ghost haunts a house in Kapa'a. The ghost manifest itself by a particular shuffling walk. he comes into the house, into the bedroom approaches the person who is sleeping and stands next to it. Then it walks out. The ghost is described as being an older person, big- boned around 6 ft tall and with a crippled leg. The white haired person, around 65-70 years old wears a faded blue-jeans overalls. It was found that the ghost was the father of the owner of the house who had died. The owner rented the house to others. When the father died he requested they take his teeth and pound it into the coconut tree where his spirit would remain.
John Kaauwai F82.

32. Mana
On moonlight nights, forms are said to be seen floating between the trees. One old monkeypod tree is said to have an apparition of a hanging person on it.
D. Rita F87.

33. Mana ,PMRF
A man is said to be riding a horse and as he is seen approaching he disappears. The marine guards were said to have shot at it but with no results. 
D. Rita F87.

34. Pu'u Poa, Hanalei
A ghost of an woman was said to appear as a bright blue floating glow. The woman is described as being blond, wearing a blue dress having a crystal necklace on but having no feet. It was found much that during excavation work on Pu'u Poa ridge a grave was found and a woman's body wearing a crystal necklace was found. The informant said that the cure against apparitions such as these is to urinate rub the urine on oneself and the ghost disappears.
Linda Sproat F87.

35. Koke'e, Methodist Camp.
At the Methodist camp a woman would peek into the window. The woman would appear pale, dressed in white and usually raps on the window. Apparition is not there when others go to see outside.
Jacquelyn Fernandez F84.

36.Brennecke Beach, Po'ipu.
One of the houses at Brennecke beach, Po'ipu is or was haunted. he interior of the house has a drop in temperature, and scrapping sounds are heard on the roof but there are no trees next to the house. The sounds increase in intensity and then becomes a banging by a bat. The cause was found to be that an old lady, the former owner didn't want the house to be occupied by anyone else but herself. So even after death her spirit tries to scare renters from renting the house. House was destroyed in Hurricane Iwa in 1982.
Hedy Kouchi  F84

37. Po'ipu.
A certain house at Po'ipu shakes. The renter hears his name being called near the closet. Hears jingling sounds. The renter searched under the house and found human bones in a box. renter also saw a man come out of the closet and walk upstairs.
Pat McMillan F77.

39. General
A baby became very ill after a cloud was seen hovering over the baby's crib. the cloud prevented anyone from approaching the crib. The mother of the baby also became ill. She went into a very deep sleep and her body became very hot, so hot that people could not touch it. A cross was placed above the bed and on the next day the woman was well and the baby was also well. The cloud was gone.
Rodney Medeiros. F78.

40. Wahiawa, 
A lady with a baby was seen outside a house in Koloa playing a drum. The women was seen by the daughter of the house. Buddhist charms kept the woman from entering the house.. A visitor said that the apparition was caused by having three gravestones within the wall of the house. The spirits lingered there. In Koloa it was found that there was a grave in the yard. The grave should be exhumed and the bones moved. The spirit of the woman was likely from that grave and didn't like the idea of their bones being moved. The grave was found previously to the apparition.
Gary Michioka F78. 

41. Hanalei.
Grandpa Henry de Fries lived at Hanalei where his father started a rice plantation. Once when he had Chinese workers, they were frightened off by a large group of people. They saw hundred of men walking down from the mountains on a trail near the Hanalei River. The marchers were dressed in malo, wore short feathered capes carried spears. When they approached the rice fields where the workers were working, the all ran away very much frightened. They ran away but at a certain distance stopped and looked back . They said the warriors walked through a stone wall which ran the length
of the road and then disappeared into Hanalei River.
Emma de Fries Oct. 31, 1971. Honolulu Sunday Star-Bulletin and Advertiser. (Also in Hoyts book on The Night Marchers 1977 Island Heritage book)

42. Waiawa
The Knudsen's has a house at Waiawa. The house is H-shaped, has a wide veranda. In the evenings steps can be heard on the veranda, soft at first and getting louder. When people call out, there is no answer there was no one outside. When the clock strikes 10 pm, the sounds begin again. The person went out and the sound continued past her but there was no one there.
Knudsen 1974 p.14-15.

43. Pu'ukapele
At Halemanu several workers were returning from the lowlands around 10-11 pm and by the bend of Pu'u Moi, 3 dogs began to growl their tails between their legs. The horses kept going but when it got to the top of the grade, they began to tremble, snorted, and began to dash madly about. After a while all became quiet. The moon was in its waning cycle.
Knudsen 1974 p 41-43.

44. Kapuwahialoa on trail from Poki'i to Kalalau.
A long time ago, a man named Papu went from Poki'i to Kalalau carrying dried fish. He didn't come back so they searched for him. hey found him dead at Kapuwahialoa, the same spot where the horses bolted in story #43.
Knudesen 1974 p. 41-43.

45. Koulaula Valley
Mr. Knudsen, a cook and several cowboys were rounding up wild cattle. They were out late so at nightfall, they camped out, lit a fire. At night, they saw a short squat man: ugly face that came up and bit his left forefinger and held it in his teeth-grinning, let go and vanished. That night one person covered himself up but something fell and plumped down on his head. he threw off the covers but nothing was there. The cook jumped up and yelled that he saw a white cow, but it vanished.
It was 3 am now and everyone was awake. They packed up and left
the spot. An old Hawaiian told them that Koulaula was filled with akua and evil spirits.
Knudsen 1974 p. 29-31.

46. GHOST DOG : Po'ipu
The ghost dog appears to people. It appears only in the evenings. The huge dog came from the trees and begins to bark. The dog appears huge, with red eyes, bared teeth. The ghost dog appeared on the hood of a truck a sign of impending doom. Some refused to heed the warning, they continued. A one location, the truck rolled over and everyone in it were hurt. 

Dog paw marks were seen on the ground near Wahiawa Dam. Shortly after the dam broke and a flash flood occurred in Wahiawa Valley.
Sign of the ghost dog: WARNING DON'T CONTINUE
Ruby Johnson Oct. 31 1972 Honolulu Star Bulletin.

47. Kahuna Lady: Keapana.
A very poor family sent their kids fishing for 'o'opu. They had a very poor catch. Mrs. Kupihea suddenly arrives, sits down and begins to fish and catches an great number of 'o'opu in 15 minutes. She drops the fish to the boys. They turn to thank her but she has disappeared.
J. Kaauwai F82.

During WWI while riding from Waimea to Kekaha, they saw clouds which looked like bears. Soon after they read in the newspaper "Russian Victory over the Germans" Later they saw white bears like teddy bears going towards the east.
Sign in newspaper "Russian Defeat"

Louis Kekaha Kilauano 's mother saw coffin shaped clouds and soon heard of the death of Kamehameha V. Also represent war and death.
Knudsen 1974 p.45-47

Hawaii Island. Sees a Zeppelin shaped cloud over Mauna Kea sign for war or disaster. Date the cloud was seen was Dec. 7, 1941.
Bud Carter 1985

49. Koke'e State Park
The reason why the Koke'e State Park is a wide open space is the area was used as a route to go from Waimea from ?? for trading purposes. People would often beat up and steal from
passing travelers. One day a whirlwind (tornado) came through and cleared the area of all trees, brush and spirits.
C. T. Tanaka F.82. informant A. N. Kruse

50. The Returning Spirit
In 1877, a boy died and Kanuka (Knudsen) was called to give a burial permit as the parents want to bury their son in the sand dunes. anuka inspects the body. Even after several days the body was not decomposed. On the 5th day, the boy Ku gives a tremendous sigh twice he did it, and then sat up and looked about. The boy Ku stated that he was dead for 4 days and his spirit went to Polihale ready to descend to Po. He was turned back. The spirits sent him to the rim of Waimea Canyon, to Kaana where he met other spirits. The akua told him to return to his body and pokes him with spears to force him to return. When he came back to where his body lay, he saw people about him. He was forced to enter his own body and then revived.
Knudsen 1974 p.23-27.

51. Koke'e Uplands.
In the morning Mr. Knudsen asked the cook to go and kill a wild cow for meat. The cook went with his dog and he didn't come back. People went out searching for him. The next day they saw him running down the trail. His story was that while he was in the uplands of Miloli'i and Makaha ridges, he saw a big black cow, shot him but the cow ran away. The cow must be badly wounded so he gave chase and chased it to the Nualolo woods. he was ready to slaughter it but it was getting dark. He decided to camp out in an open glade and lit a fire. He saw a 7 ft one-eyed monster with great tuffs of hair on his head and he had great arms that almost touched the ground. The creature was afraid of fire so it sat opposite him. The cook sat in front of the fire all night not daring to go to sleep. When sunlight could be seen in the early morning sky, it left. He soon left himself, running all the way home.
Knudsen 1974 p. 17-21.

52. Voices
A daughter of a family begins to hear voices which calls her to follow. When she hears them she is in a daze. The family decides to go to church to pray. They feel a cold wind passing them by. The church members said they saw an old Hawaiian man and woman emerge from the daughters body.
J. Gordiness F77. Inf. C. Kaneholani.

54. PMRF, Mana
One night the security guard for Dynalectron was patrolling the Sandia area and passed a white station wagon going at top s peed. He quickly called the main gate and told them to stop the car. He turned his car around and sped after the car. At the main gate the guard said no car came by. This happened twice to other guards.
Dolly O'Conner

55. Waimea Dairy and Kekaha Boat Harbor
A person going to work at Kekaha Sugar Co. at 10:30 pm with a passenger. As they pass the area between Waimea dairy and Kekaha Boat harbor, they both see this old lady with gray hair, wearing a black holoku walking alongside the road. When they pass her and look back she is not there.
Dolly O'Conner Inf. Martin Costales.

56. Kapahi  Menehune, Kapaa
A man was walking home in the Kapahi area of Kauai (Kapaa). this was early in the morning. he met a small man with a big black dog. The man was really small, he had a big pot belly and carried a pack on his back. When the man and dog passed him, he looked back but both had disappeared.
K. Webster, Fall '75.

57. Makaha Ridge
In certain areas on Kauai people report being grabbed in the neck and choked. Makaha Ridge.
D. Rita Fall '87

58. Makaha Ridge
At 2-3 am drums and conches could be heard on the north cliff of Makaha Ridge. These sounds is heard every  1-2 min and repeats in intervals.
D. Rita Fall '87

59. Mana
Parking lot (PMRF ? )..People could hear music from an ukulele in the deserted parking lot. The music continues but no one is around.
D. Rita Fall '87

61. Mana
Parking lot (PMRF ? )..People could hear music from an ukulele in the deserted parking lot. The music continues but no one is around.
D. Rita Fall '87


THE BLACK HAND  Nuuanu Valley above Queen Emma's Museum.                                  A Hawaiian man in ancient times, traveling from Kailua to Honolulu, crossed the Pali and rested at a place where Queen Emma's Museum now stands. He was going to continue his journey in the morning to Honolulu.

That night, he awoke to find a beautiful woman watching him as he rested. She sat beside him. he tried to get up but she placed her hand on his shoulder, preventing him from getting up. The next morning, he went to the stream to wash . Another person was there and he said that he must have rested at this particular spot. The man asked how he knew this and the other fellow replied by pointing to his shoulder. The hand print was where the women the night before placed her hand.        Pila Kikuchi       Informant: Richard Paglinawan, Nov. 4, 1960

THE DISAPPEARING LADY  Kahaluu                                                                     George's mother lived in the  area on the island of Oahu, Koolau side. They cultivated taro and
the taro pond was bounded on one side by the slope of the hill. Another side was bounded by a strand of hau bushes which lay over the stream and another boundary was a banana grove.

 One day while George's mother was weeding the taro patch she saw this Hawaiian woman, coming toward her. The woman's hair covered her face. George's mother stood facing the women and when they met she pulled aside the hair to see the face. As soon as she did this the woman disappeared.                                                                                                            Pila Kikuchi  Informant:Richard Ajimine  Dec. 20, 1962.

Ghost Baby Cries.  A Filipino couple once lived in the house where the Paglinawan's aunt lived. The baby died from unknown causes. The house was reoccupied by the aunt. A cry of a bay was heard from outside a particular window of the house. To stop the crying, the aunt threw milk out the window and the crying stopped.                                                                   Pila Kikuchi   Mrs. Paglinawan. Waiahole, Oahu. 1963

WAIAHOLE  Dog Fights Spirits At Waiahole, across the highway on a path that leads to the sea there is a spot where a fishing party witnessed a furious struggle and fighting by their dog with an invisible thing.                                                                                                        Pila Kikuchi   Mrs. Paglinawan. Waiahole, Oahu. 1963

Auku'u Spirit A female spirit is said to haunt the upper regions of Waiahole Valley. Once a large group of women were walking up the valley to collect fresh water shrimp from the stream they heard a voice asking them where they were going. The voice kept asking the same question. When the women came to the turn of the stream where a lot of banana trees grew, they saw in front of them a woman. This was a Hawaiian woman dressed in black and hovering over the ground. The women screamed and fled for home.                                                       Pila Kikuchi  Mrs. Paglinawan. Waiahole, Oahu.


PUHI-O-KELEKINI (THE BLOW HOLE AT KALAPANA, HAWAII)                            A blow-hole which was covered up by a man named kelekini becaiuse its spray spread salt water over the area killing all the plants. he put a large log of kauila wood over the hole and covered this with a pile of stones. This can still be seen.

One is not to fish here. Once two men working on a house went fishing there. They disregarded an advice from a Hawaiian man not to fish there. While fishing, one man fell in and the other trying to help also fell into the sea. Their bodies were never recovered.

 HALEANIANI: This is a stone outside on the shore which represents a body of a man who was turned to stone.                                                                                                           Pila Kikuchi      informant:  Joseph Chun-Fat. 1962