Ghostly Happenings


  Halfway Bridge. Ha'iku
A couple driving home from Lihu'e (carried pork in their car ) saw a woman by the bridge. She was wearing a bright red mu'umu'u and they decide to pick her up. They dropped her off where she wanted. For some reason they decided to take her picture and when the film was developed, the picture showed only bones. Their conclusion was that the woman was Pele. Recorded by C. Synder/Heidi Cermak, Fall 75 class.

  Wahiawa Bridge. Wahiawa.
A couple driving by Wahiawa bridge in the evening picks up a lady. She is wearing a white dress, carrying roses. She wants to go to Eleele. She disappears before she gets there. Recorded by Carol Snyder Fall 75 class.

  Wahiawa Bridge.
Informants sister worked late at a hotel. after work, 3 am, she decided to go home by herself. as she approached Wahiawa bridge she saw an image of a person sitting in the front seat besides her. she began to swear and it disappeared. when she told her father about what happened, he said that the man used to live at Wahiawa Valley, was a good man and would do her no harm. Recorded by Dolly O'Conner.

 Makaweli Bridge, Makaweli
A person returning home at night from the Waimea area felt someone was in the car. He looked in the rear view mirror and saw someone sitting in the back seat. Between Makaweli bridge and Kaumakani Avenue...the person disappeared. Recorded by F. Alvarado Fall 80 class.

  New Hanama'ulu Bridge.
Informant driving by Hanama'ulu bridge sees a girl by the bridge, wearing a white dress but no shoes. He thought the girl looked familiar to that of his friend who died at the same bridge. He drove and saw their common friend who he told the story to. Their friend was the only person who knew that the dead girl at burial was buried with a white dress but had no shoes. Recorded by Rodney Medeiros 11/20/1990.

 Swing Bridge, Waimea
New Years Eve, 3 kids stole some laulau from a party and went to the bridge to eat. It soon began to rain, but only one side of the bridge was wet the other was dry. The kids assumed it was because they stole the laulau which contained pork that this happened.  Recorded by K. Webster , Fall 75. Informant was Roberta Kaohi.