Glimpses into the Prehistory of these Hawaiian Islands. Archa
eological Findings in the Year 3035.
The Mu People
It is said by the ancient ones that the Mu people,because of a grea,
were condemned to do certain kinds of work and live in certain areas.

which contained the ancient text of Wu [yet to be fully translated]
...the great akua spoke from a large ohia-lehua tree which leaves and branches burned
and glowed with a fire that did not consume, thusly unto the throngs on the shores of lake Waihohonu.
..the unspeakable activities of the Mu and of their chief Mu-waiu-nui-a-kalani,
are hereby banished from the south lands of Kona and herded to Moloaa.

They will not inherit the lands of milk and honey but will forever produce milk, cheese and dairy products. Their forebearers will forever by burdened by high chorsteral and high fat content and will be reviled.
They will be known as holsteins and kobe, names which are foreign to them.
.....chocolate will replace white and occasionally strawberry.........cream will be thick.......
Thus ends the scrolls of Lani-Mu. found in the excavated site at Poipu in the year 2098.
What secrets will the site yet reveal ? Only time will tell.

The Holy Torpedo of Koloa
Another gourd shard from another archaeological site on Kauai had a section regarding a torpedo
and its reactions by the ancient finders. the land of Pon, which showed aggresive behavior to the people of Kauai,
had planned a long seige to break the will of its people
....their weapon, a cyclinder of glass of many different sizes, shapes, and colors were sent
by dragon boats to land on our beaches. , believeing them harmless, would take them home.

Someimes they would crash or explode on the shore before our people received them
.....the truth was that these balls would cause fires, theft and murders as they exhuded messages of desire,
and even explosions long after their find, these were seen when houses were on fire
and loud thundrous sounds would be heard
....In the wisdom of the akua council, they were strictly forbidden to be taken
..... Pon now hides the balls in a new material whose messages and evil intent seems to have failed......

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