Archaeological Survey
Proposed Telecommunication Hut
GTE Hawaiian Tel at
Wainiha, Kaua'i (TMK 5-8-02:3)

Gerald Ida, Hallett H. Hammatt and Edward D. Duncan
Cultural Surveys Hawai'i for GTE Hawaiian Tel
June 1993

An Archaeological field inventory survey was conducted on a single 50 ft. x 50 ft. lot located on the west side of Wainiha Valley above the flood plain at the Old Wainiha Power House Road (TMK 5-8-02:3). This parcel is to be utilized by GTE Hawaiian Tel, Kaua'i for the purpose of installing a telecommunication hut as well as associated facilities.

In regards to prehistoric use, it appears that the parcel is too steeply sloped for habitation or agriculture. Test trenches were deemed unnecessary due to existing roads cut into the project area bank exposing an area sufficient for stratigraphic study. No evidence of culture, surface or subsurface, was observed. In conclusion, construction of the telecommunication hut will not impact archaeological resources. Therefore, no further archaeological research is recommended.