Archaeological Reconnaissance
of the
Paskal Residential Property
at Ha'ena, Halele'a, Kaua'i
(TMK: 4-5-9-002-048)

William H. Folk and Hallett H. Hammatt
Cultural Surveys Hawai'i for Joseph S. Paskal
July 1990

This report covers the results of an Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey at the Paskal property (TMK: 4-5-9-002-048) at Ha'ena Point, Halele'a, Kaua'i. Fieldwork consisted of the augering of 28 auger holes, the cutting of four bank profiles, and the excavation of one test pit.

Results of the fieldwork revealed the presence of a buried prehistoric cultural layer marked by the extinct land snail, genus Corelia and the presence of cultural midden and probable features. This layer is confined to the east portion of the property and extends beyond the property boundaries to the south, east and north. The layer appears to be intact within the subject property except at the northeast corner where historic disturbance was evident. No evidence of human burials was found.

While the cultural layer is quite limited in area within the Paskal lot, it appears to be rich in content, and archaeological excavation is recommended in the event that any subsurface disturbance is planned where the layer is present.