Excavations at Site 50-30-02-1809
at a
Residential Property (TMK 5-9-02-35)
Ha'ena, Halele'a, Kaua'i (Rasten Property

Hallett H. Hammatt and David w. Shideler
Cultural Surveys Hawai'i for Mr. Kjell Rasten
October 1989

The report covers the results of archaeological research at State Site 50-30-02-1809 or the Rasten property (TMK 5-9-02-35) at Ha'ena Point, Halele'a, Kaua'i. This archaeological data recovery was performed for mitigation of impact of sea wall construction in accordance with a data recovery plan worked out between Cultural Surveys Hawai'i and the State Historic Sites Section of the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Ten trenches (total area 10.5 m2 ) were excavated along the beach cut bank of the Rasten property. The midden recovered was notable for its high concentration index (1,353) and for the presence of albatross and goose bone. It is suggested that populations of albatross and goose were extirpated in Polynesian times. The artifacts included attenuated chisel-like adzes, fishhooks, and a shell drill. Two carbon isotope dates of 1385-1500 A.D. and 1330-1430 A.D. were recovered and are typical for early Ha'ena occupations.