Archaeological Investigations at Site 50-30-02-1809
at a
Residential Property (TMK 5-9-02-31)
Ha'ena, Halele'a, Kaua'i (Anawalt Property)

Hallett H. Hammatt and David W. Shideler
Cultural Surveys Hawai'i for Design Associates
October 1989

The report covers the results of archaeological research at the Anawalt property (TMK 5-9-02-31) at Ha'ena Point, Halele'a, Kaua'i. Field work consisted of the augering of 24 auger holes and the excavation of two test excavations.

The results of the augering revealed that the property has been extensively impacted by mechanical grading, which was visible in 18 of the 26 excavations. Two relatively small (15' in diameter) areas of intact prehistoric cultural deposits were identified. Excavation of trench 2 yielded a relatively low concentration (C.I. 357) of 266 grams of marine shell midden and one volcanic glass flake. One fragmentary set of bones of a child, age 6-11, was encountered in trench 2 between 40 and 70 cm. These were badly disturbed by mechanical grading. An undisturbed burial was encountered at 200 cm. in Trench 2 and is thought to predate or be contemporaneous with the prehistoric cultural layer.

While the cultural layer is quite limited, spotty, and seemingly much less rich than at other Ha'ena Point locations, it is recommended that archaeological monitoring accompany construction excavations because of the significant probability of encountering more burials.