Excavations at Site 50-30-02-1809
at a Residential Property (TMK 5-9-02-34)
Ha'ena, Halele'a, Kaua'i (Zimmerman Property)

Hallett H. Hammatt and David W. Shideler
Cultural Surveys Hawai'i for Clearwind Builder
August 1989

The report covers the results of the second phase of archaeological research at the Zimmerman property (TMK 5-9-02-34) at Ha'ena Point, Halele'a, Kaua'i.

In the first phase of research (Hammatt, January 1989), inspection of the beach cut bank and the augering of 18 test holes identified two large areas of an intact cultural layer underlying the property. A corrected carbon isotope date of 1525 + 135 was recovered from a feature in the cultural layer along the cut bank. A data recovery plan for the sampling of this cultural layer was developed in consultation with appropriate State and County agencies, specifying specific amounts of excavation in specific areas of the property.

Thirty-five square meter trenches were excavated through cultural layers at the Zimmerman property.

Two occupation layers were distinguished. The upper layer contained historic debris from a nearby house site, and the lower layer showed prehistoric deposits. Within the prehistoric deposits, dated to 1253-1400 years A. D., marine midden is less concentrated than at earlier deposits at Ke'e Beach, but they contain a higher percentage of mammal and bird (Hawaiian Petrel).

Increased use of terrestrial resources in later Ha'ena occupations is indicated. Prehistoric artifacts are dominated by basalt waste flakes and volcanic glass flakes. Eight polished adz flakes were recovered showing use of adzes on the site. Thirteen coral files were recovered but no fishhooks. The excavations provide comparative data for interpretation of chronology and parameters of occupation of the widespread prehistoric shoreline deposits at Ha'ena Point. So far, Ha'ena Point materials show later age and distinct differences in resource utilization than do the Ke'e Beach deposits.