< Zimmerman


Archaeological Reconnaissance
of a
Residential Property
Ha'ena, Halele'a, Kaua'i

Hallett H. Hammatt
Cultural Surveys Hawai'i for Clearwind Builder
January 1989

The subject property is located along the shoreline at Ha'ena Point northeast of Ha'ena County Park within Ha'ena ahupua'a, Halele'a, Kaua'i. The property (TMK 5-9-02-34) is a 46,616 square foot parcel which is planned as the site of a single family residence (by the Zimmerman family). There are existing residences on both sides of the parcel which include a level lawn area overlooking the reefed shoreline of Ha'ena Point. On the makai side of the parcel is an approximately 8 foot high vertical beach-cut bank, the base of which slopes down to the ocean and reef. This bank extends in both directions along the shorelines of the adjacent properties to the north and south. This cut bank is subject to severe block-slump erosion during high tide.