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Mrs. Priscilla Akina

The story begins late in the 1800s, when the boy we shall call Kimo was born into an average Hawaiian family in Waimea on the Island of Kaua'i. The boy looked like any normal child except for his eyes. His eyes could roll downward when he had his head inclined downward and would reveal to others another eye, very much like that of a shark. Many of the children would tease him about this unusual trait. Kimo was a very shy, quiet child and showed no anger to others who teased him about his eyes. The older people respected Kimo's unusual trait, as they knew that this was the mark of a child who was under the care of the shark, the child's family god.

In time, Kimo grew up and lived a very quiet, normal life. However, he had a great distaste for punishment and often ran away to his favorite hiding places, the Waimea River or the sea. The Waimea River flows through Waimea Town and is deep enough to allow small, shallow draft boats to navigate about a mile or two upstream. Whenever Kimo dove into the waters, he disappeared, and no sign of him was to be seen above or below the water. This caused others to truly believe that he was, indeed, part shark.

Whenever the river overflowed, the people were in danger in the raging waters. Only Kimo was able to swim and rescue them. His abilities in the water were phenomenal. No river or sea, no matter how great and or rough, could stop him.

Kimo married a local girl from Kaua'i and lived a very uneventful life. Being married only a few years, he died at the early age of 30 or 40 years.